IBM Plans to Invest $ 1 Billion in Cloud Computing Research and Development

IBM Plans to Invest $ 1 Billion in Cloud Computing Research and Development

IBM Plans to Invest $ 1 Billion in Cloud Computing Research and Development

After the launch of the Watson Artificial Intelligence System as a cloud based offering to the customers, IBM plans to invest a substantial amount in R&D in the domain of cloud computing based solutions.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It was announced by the company on this weekend that an amount of as much as $1 billion is being planned by the Big Blue to invest in the research and development of cloud computing based solutions. This amount will be invested in a group called Watson group, which is being established after the Watson based cloud computing services offered by the IBM corporation. This group will be headquartered near the East village in the technology hub of New York city.

This new investment will be used for the research and development of cognitive computing technologies in the field of cloud computing environment. It was further explained in the company statement that more than 2000 professionals will be employed in the domain of design, development and support of the cognitive computing technologies, which will boost the strength of the IBM Corporation’s in cloud based business.

It was maintained that this research and development project will provide the solution to very complex issues in different sectors such as – healthcare, financial transaction and artificial intelligence. The targeted technology will be based on the combination of high end software and powerful computers that will solve the most complex problems of the industries.

“The Watson based technologies would be able understand the context,  ask different questions, develops reasons with the help of different algorithms to find out the solution of more complex problems through cognitive technologies,” added the company statement.

This group will also focus on the identification of new markets for cognitive computing business in retail, telecom, travel, financial services and healthcare. This system will also be available through the internet for those developers who plan to start their cloud computing based businesses.

Even after the start of cognitive computing based business through Watson Super Computer, IBM has not got very good response from its targeted market; despite this fact, the company strongly believes that cognitive computing based business will produce positive outcomes once combined with the power of the cloud based technologies. This huge investment is clear indication of the company’s commitment towards the cognitive computing based cloud technologies.

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