Cloud computing company, VEXXHOST, announces it’s new partnership with Cloud66

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

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One of the leading OpenStack cloud computing providers, VEXXHOST, has announced it’s new partnership with Cloud66, a leading Ruby platform-as-a-service provider.  The partnership will allow Cloud66’s customers to launch their Ruby applications on the VEXXHOST cloud.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – The Ruby language has several highly used frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra.  Because of how dynamic Ruby is in nature, it allows developers to create applications in almost no time, making it ideal for building new applications.

However, the deployment of Ruby applications has always been less than ideal.  The majority of web hosting companies have no Ruby support at all and they are mostly designed for executing PHP websites.

The reason behind this is that while PHP is small enough to load the entire application on each page load, Ruby takes a longer time as it loads everything up, which removes the option of loading the application on page load.

This means hosting companies must have a server dedicated for each application, which is not ideal for multi-tenant shared hosting.   The best solution to properly hosting your Ruby application is to use a cloud server.

Cloud servers give you full ability to control your server and therefore they can host your Ruby application without any resource or performance issues.  However, you will need to fully configure and secure your server, then install Ruby, all prerequisites, database server and your application finally.  It starts becoming a very tedious process.

It gets more complicated once your application starts getting used more often, because you have to start more than one server, cluster them, get a centralized clustered database, setup a load balancer over your application server.  It can get out of hand quickly for someone who is a Ruby developer.

Cloud66 solves the entire problem by abstracting the entire process of provisioning, deploying, managing and scaling your Ruby application.  All you need to do is provide a few settings and your server will instantly be created on the cloud.

They also allow you to scale your application, databases, add load balancers, all without any server knowledge and by clicking a few buttons.  It is the best solution to increase productivity and deploy your Ruby application on the cloud.

The partnership that they formed with VEXXHOST allows the customers of Cloud66 to deploy all their Ruby applications to the VEXXHOST cloud.  This presents several big advantages for customers.  VEXXHOST is the first Canadian cloud computing provider to be integrated with Cloud66 which means customers with specific data storage requirements in Canada can use that.

For customers who don’t have these type of requirements, VEXXHOST offers the best value per dollar for cloud servers compared to other cloud computing providers.  In comparison to Rackspace & Amazon, for every dollar you spend at VEXXHOST, you get almost twice the resources (memory, solid-state disk, vCPUs).

For growing applications, VEXXHOST is a much better choice as using them will cut your cloud computing costs by half, delivering twice the performance as other providers.  Now, it’s even easier to take advantage of their competitively priced cloud computing servers if you’re hosting a Ruby application.

As the cloud computing industry continues to grow, cloud computing power is becoming more of a commodity which means that the biggest factor in the selection of a cloud computing company is becoming a combination of price and performance.  The pressure is rising on highly priced cloud computing services, with companies like VEXXHOST bringing performance at a very low price in comparison to them.

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