VMware Hires Top Cloud Computing Talent Bob Schultz and Sumit Dhawan from Citrix

VMware Hires Top Cloud Computing Talent Bob Schultz and Sumit Dhawan from Citrix

VMware Hires Top Cloud Computing Talent Bob Schultz and Sumit Dhawan from Citrix

The former general manager of desktop and application section and group vice president at Citrix has joined as ‘chief strategy lead’ at End User Computing group EUC of VMware cloud computing Virtualization vendor.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It was announced this week through a blog post by the GM and EVP of EUC Mr. Sanjay Poonen. This is a strategic move by VMware to consolidate its efforts in the domain of desktop Virtualization. The VMware has already announced its ambition to pursue aggressively in the field of desktop Virtualization. This hiring of desktop virtualization expert would be very helpful for VMware to consolidate its service portfolio in the domain of cloud computing industry.

The most shocking news for Citrix came when Sumit Dhawan was hired by the VMware as a head of strategy, product portfolio and engineering for the company’s desktop business organization. He was one of the most trusted senior leaders of the CEO of Citrix Company. He worked at Citrix for more than 16 years during that tenure has been very instrumental in development of the strategies in cloud computing based products portfolio especially desktop virtualization.

Many people in the industry consider this contest of recruiting the executives between these two major cloud vendor companies is similar to that between Google and Microsoft a few years back.

In his blog Poonen wrote, “He brings considerable experience to VMware. I also think that VMware wants to make a statement, considering that they grouped Sumit and Bob – along with Kit’s promotion – into the same announcement”. He further added that “End user computing is a serious business for us, and we’re so serious about it that we just hired two senior executives away from our top competitor”.

In another statement, a former executive of Citrix said, “Sumit is a long-time Citrix guy and ran a bunch of the things that shaped the XenApp business and the new XenMobile business.”

Many analysts in the cloud computing industry are anticipating this move as an indicator of seriousness of VMware towards the business of desktop virtualization in this fiercely competitive market place. A dynamic team comprising Sanjay, Bob, Sumit and others is really a great sign for VMware to aggressively pursue its goals in the cloud business.

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