Cloud Computing Provider, VEXXHOST, Launches New Control Panel Usage Reports

Cloud Computing Provider, VEXXHOST, Launches New Control Panel Usage Reports

Cloud Computing Provider, VEXXHOST, Launches New Control Panel Usage Reports

OpenStack cloud computing provider, VEXXHOST, has launched a new user interface of it’s Usage Reports section, located inside it’s cloud control panel.   The interface was launched in an effort to improve user friendliness and make cloud computing expenses easy to understand and eliminate the fear of unexpected large invoices. – Unlike typical hosting products where an agreed-upon fee is paid upfront, cloud computing fees are paid at the end of the billing cycle based on your usage.  While this allows for cloud computing users to take advantage of the fact that they don’t need to pay for resources they don’t need, it may also create a small uncertainty of the invoice that is coming at the end of the month.

The announcement of the new usage reports portal inside the cloud control panel of VEXXHOST on their blog explains in detail how the uncertainty around the cloud expenses was difficult for it’s existing and new customers, they have worked with their customers in order to address this uncertainty.

The new usage report interface provides full detailed data of what has been charged so far, as well as the amount charged for the previous month (as comparison).   The detailed usage section goes into a full breakdown for each server and snapshot inside the servers and how much exactly was charged for them.

As the blog post mentions, this new feature aligns with the current primary focus of the cloud-computing platform of VEXXHOST: deliver a high performance cloud computing platform that has the best value per dollar.  The company has seen a lot of success due to their focus in that arena.

As a simple comparison, an Amazon EC2 c3.large instance with 2 vCPUS, 3.75GB of memory and 32GB total SSD storage costs $0.15 per hour.   The similar configuration at Rackspace Cloud is 4 vCPUs, 4GB of memory and 80GB total SSD storage costs $0.16 per hour.

However, VEXXHOST offers an equivalent server with 4 vCPUs, 4GB of memory, 160GB of disk space at $0.055 per hour, which turns out to be around 60 to 70% cheaper than other cloud computing provider.  This provides a significant advantage for customers, as cloud computing remains a simple commodity which can be purchased anywhere.

As VEXXHOST operates its cloud based on OpenStack, it also has all the advantages of an open API, making it a very strong competitor to other major cloud computing providers.   The API allows large cloud computing customers to do large scale computing or integrate with existing applications easily.   The following few months should be very interesting as competition rises in this market.

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