Bright Computing Inc Declares Its Support for OpenStack Foundation

Bright Computing Inc Declares Its Support for OpenStack Foundation

Bright Computing Inc Declares Its Support for OpenStack Foundation

Vendor-independent server cluster management service provider company Bright Computing joins hands with the OpenStack Foundation for providing simplified private cloud computing management.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Bright computing is one of the best cluster management service providers located in Silicon Valley. It manages multi-vendor server clusters in on-premise as well as the cloud environment of all forms such as – private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. It has announced its support for the OpenStack Foundation to simplify the cloud management in private clouds.

The major focus of Bright Computing is to simplify the implementation and management of the private cloud based on the OpenStack open source platform. The company will work to make installation, configuration, and monitoring of private cloud based on OpenStack platform more easy and efficient by simplifying the procedures of the same.

In his statement, the CTO of Bright Computing Inc, Martijn de Vries said, “OpenStack is a powerful, comprehensive cloud platform that can be challenging to set up – We make the process easier by bringing our server management expertise to OpenStack. Our customers will no longer have to deal with the more challenging aspects of OpenStack deployments.”

Further elaborating the support of Bright Computing to the OpenStack Foundation, the CTO of the company said, “ The future of cloud computing technologies is vested in the open source cloud platforms – that’s why, Bright Computing wants to invest energy, efforts and expertise to make it happen more effectively and efficiently”. The OpenStack open source cloud computing platform is a bit complex system to implement and manage; the Bight Computing Inc wants to use its expertise of server cluster management in both on-premises and cloud environments to make it easier and more efficient to implement and manage.

It was further said in the statement that Bright Computing believes that by combining its expertise in cloud cluster management with the open source platforms by OpenStack would accelerate the open source cloud adoption in the industry of cloud computing.

This is very important to note that Bright Computing presented its Cluster Manager’s supports for OpenStack cloud platform at SC13 – Supercomputing Conference in Devenor organized in November 2013 as a preview version. The full fledged version of Cluster Manager’s Support for OpenStack cloud computing platform is expected to be launched in the first quarter of the next fiscal year.

This move of the cluster management company is considered as a good news for companies, which are planning to implement OpenStack platform.

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