Wistron to Venture into Education Cloud Project in Malaysia

Wistron to Venture into Education Cloud Project in Malaysia

Wistron to Venture into Education Cloud Project in Malaysia

Taiwanese IT hardware manufacturer Wistron plans to join the cloud market by investing in education cloud in Malaysia next year. This is an ambitious project that will use its own software, hardware and cloud platforms.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Taiwanese Original Device Manufacturer ODM Wistron announced this week that it is going to to venture in its own education cloud next year by starting from soap to nuts cloud based education project in Malaysia. It was further elaborated that this project will use all major components of the project manufactured or developed by Wistron itself – for example, the software tools, cloud computing platform, and hardware.

It is an established fact that cloud technology has brought about so many changes in all domains of business especially in IT business. The key IT business processes such as – data management, data processing, software and application development are already highly influenced by the cloud technologies. Education is another prospective field that every IT vendor is focusing on. IBM Corporation has recently announced its plans to start cloud based adaptive learning and now Wistron is venturing into this highly potential field.

In his statement the CEO of Wistron ODM Robert Hwang said, “ Company is going to build about 3000 to 4000 smart classrooms based on the educational cloud technologies” “ – and this entire project will use company’s own products like platforms, software and hardware” he further added.

Wistron is one of the major ODM that produces servers and laptops – the white box PC and servers are very well known in the United States along with other regions. According to the IDC research – in recent years – the revenue original device manufactures have increased at as much as 45.2 percent during the last few years. This major increase in their revenue occurred due to increased demand in the domain of data centers and server marketplace which is heavily influenced by increasing demands of cloud technologies. Quanta and Wistron are two important vendors who manufacture the commodity servers in the marketplace.

With this ambitious project of education cloud, Wistron is eyeing on a broader role in the cloud market, where other competitors such as – HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco – are already in a good position to pose a tough competition for this new entrant into the cloud market. The cloud market is becoming diversified in terms of the products, therefore, it requires a strong partnership to produce good impact.

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