Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Strongly Focuses on Developers

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Strongly Focuses on Developers

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Strongly Focuses on Developers

Enhancement of tool set, development of impromptu Azure App and integration of visual studio in IDE, TFS analytics, and .NET platform are major attractions for application developers on Azure Cloud Platform. Microsoft offers cost efficient solutions for developers to invite to its cloud tribe.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – According to Scott Guthrie, the vice president for Windows Azure at Microsoft, “One of the things I’ve spent time on since I’ve been in Azure is focusing on how we have a great developer integration story and take advantage the millions of developers who use .NET and Visual Studio today – over the last year in particular, we had some good dialogue across the division and made some shared bets that you can see today and others you’ll see in the future.” He further added that it is being strongly focused on the Windows Azure cloud platform to make it more attractive, featured, valued platform for the developers. In that pursuit many features related to application development have been integrated into this cloud platform.

The first step that Guthrie took was to develop an impromptu Windows Azure App and later he expedited the process of enhancement of Windows Azure tool set to make it sure that it offers a wide range of features required by a professional developer. Guthrie himself comes from the Microsoft Developer Division, where he spent more than 10 years. His focus is very consistent for appealing the developers to the Azure cloud platform.

The Azure platform offers a differentiated dev test offers along with the ability to have Visual Studio integrated into the IDE and to use Active Directory credentials for enterprise access control. The online browser editing support for developers is another attractive feature in Azure platform.

Owing to these features and capabilities integrated into this cloud platform, many enterprise users are using the Azure platform in hybrid scenario to test their applications. Along with these technical features of the Azure platform, Microsoft is always in touch with the developers through different social and networking programs such as – Microsoft Developers Network (MDN) and Professional Developers Conferences (PDC).

AWS is still the leader player in the cloud market due to its wide range of infrastructure as a service IaaS offerings. Microsoft, IBM and other players are also working aggressively in the domain of business to pose a tough competition for the industry leader.

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