IBM to Acquire Aspera to help Companies Transfer Massive files in the Cloud

IBM to Acquire Aspera to help Companies Transfer Massive files in the Cloud

IBM to Acquire Aspera to help Companies Transfer Massive files in the Cloud

IBM’s move to acquire Aspera Technology would allow companies to transport massive files faster in the cloud. This acquisition would enhance the big data product portfolio of IBM Corporation.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – To make a stronger product portfolio of big data and cloud computing based movement of data files, the big  blue announced the acquisition of California based software protocol development company Aspera Inc. This announcement was made public by the IT giant through a press release statement issued on Thursday, December 19, 2013.

The statement does not disclose the financial terms for completing this deal but it was announced that IBM would integrate the fast and secure software technology of Aspera in its big data products to make them faster to move into the cloud.

It was further explained the dynamics behind the acquisition that IBM was finding it very difficult to handle both the structured and unstructured data in the cloud computing based environment. The big bottlenecking of the problem was the speed of the transfer of big files in the cloud computing based environment in the cloud. The ‘Fasp Technology’ – as patented by Apsera Inc would be very useful for the company to manage the big data and large files to move in and out of the internet cloud.

It was further elaborated in the press release statement that Aspera’s technology related to the fast movement of the data into the cloud would decrease the transmission time by up to 99.9% – for example, 24 GB file transferring half way around the world would be reduced from 26 hours of transfer to just 30 seconds!

In the press release statement, Vice President, B2B and Commerce Solutions, IBM John Mesberg said, “Our experience working with thousands of clients on Big Data projects tells us that companies can better compete and win when they can quickly extract value from massive volumes of data – and with this acquisition, IBM addresses a key challenge for globally integrated enterprises by allowing them to move large data files much faster to the individuals who need them, wherever in the world they may be.”

By the combination of Aspera’s fasp technology with the power of cloud computing, the enterprise and corporate customers would be able to get full control on the worth of their big data by moving it into the cloud and processing for the business value.

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