AWS Starts a New Cloud Computing Service Region in Beijing China

AWS Starts a New Cloud Computing Service Region in Beijing China

AWS Starts a New Cloud Computing Service Region in Beijing China

China has always been a tough country in terms of strong internet censorships, political, cultural and economic issues. AWS tries to sort out these problems by establishing a dedicated cloud computing based business region in  Beijing to expand its footprints into this prospective marketplace.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Jeff Barr of AWS cloud computing company announced on Wednesday this week in his blog post that Amazon Web Services is establishing a new region of its services in China. This region – named as Beijing region – would be an independent entity to deal with the Chinese local laws related to censorship, political issues and cultural bottlenecking. The region would offer its services to its local customers.

Beijing region will offer almost all services of AWS  to its Chinese customers through a local web portal. AWS has already strong footprints in the Asia Pacific region with its strong service bases in Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Chennai, Osaka, Seoul and Manila.

This region will allow a huge number of multi-national companies working in china to opt from a wide range of the AWS cloud computing services that will be in compliance with the Chinese regulatory and legal requirements. This move will be very effective in grabbing the due share of this most prospective and dynamic cloud computing market  of the world. According to IDC research, the cloud market in China will cross $1.08 billion by the year 2016.

It was further said in the blog post that the limited preview services of Beijing region will be available in the first quarter of year 2014. The full version of the corporate cloud based services will be made available very soon in the same year.

Jeff Barr wrote in his blog, “This Region will allow China-based and multinational companies to make use of a broad collection of AWS services such as – S3 storage, EC2 servers, Dynamo DB, RDS databases and many other – while remaining in compliance with China’s legal and regulatory requirements”.

Owing to recent censorship row between Google and Chinese government that resulted in the withdrawal of Hong Kong data center by Google, it is feared that Beijing region of AWS cloud service may face some tough time on regulatory and commercial sides. But, creating an independent business portfolio may be helpful in lowering the issue related to regulations, censorship and political matters.

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