Upgraded Version of Scheduler and Monitoring Metrics of Azure Cloud Computing Platform Released

Upgraded Version of Scheduler and Monitoring Metrics of Azure Cloud Computing Platform Released

Upgraded Version of Scheduler and Monitoring Metrics of Azure Cloud Computing Platform Released

Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform’s upgraded version of the scheduler can call services from inside and outside of the Azure platform to run them reliably on the schedule. The upgraded metrics provided deep insight into usage of cloud computing resources with many value added features.

GREATRESPONDER.COMMicrosoft announced last week that they have released the preview of upgraded versions of scheduler and monitoring metrics for its well known Azure cloud computing platform. These upgrades are in its preview period and are being offered on very discounted terms. These both features of Azure platform would prove to be very useful for enterprise users to have deep insight into their the usage of their cloud computing resources and managing their schedules and planned tasks in a more effective way.

The technical details of these upgrades were announced by Scott Guthrie, the vice president at Microsoft Azure. He wrote in his blog post that, “You can define jobs to call services not only from inside but also you call the services from outside the Azure to run the schedules reliably”. The tasks such as HTTP GET request can also be defined during the job creation process – and also set the recurring status of the same. It gives more freedom and details regarding the status of the responses of the tasks performed. He further said, “I encourage you to try out the Scheduler—I think you’ll find it a really useful way to automate jobs to happen in a reliable way.”

Talking about the other upgraded tool of Azure cloud computing platform – monitoring metrics – he suggested that getting deep insight of the cloud resources of your servers is more important to keep the services smooth and up. The upgraded version of monitoring metrics – that is being released for premium and standard SQL databases – collects the CPU and data storage use in 5 minute intervals’ monitoring. He further told that this tool gives deep insight into the SKU modification, data storage changes and CPU usage and also maintains the details of the history for past 14 days.

The upgraded monitoring metrix contains 20 more log actions in Azure services, which will provide the administrators with more options to streamline the web server log management.  Meanwhile, it was also announced that a new option for cloud data availability enhancement called RA-GRS (Read-Access Geo Redundant Storage) has also been released in preview.

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