CloudLock Solution Released to Track Cloud Computing Misuse of Google Apps

CloudLock Solution Released to Track Cloud Computing Misuse of Google Apps

CloudLock Solution Released to Track Cloud Computing Misuse of Google Apps

CloudLock is a powerful security tracking solution for cloud apps to prevent them from misusing in the cloud computing environment. This will track the user activities to minimize cloud based security risks.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced during the last week by GeoFence Company that they released a robust security solution to monitor the malicious activities on Google apps in the cloud computing environment to reduce the risk of data security and identity theft. The announced was made by the director of product marketing at CloudLock, Kevin O’Brien. He informed a news agency that this lab is being released as a pursuit to innovation in the domain of security and risk mitigation in the cloud environment, which is becoming more and more dynamic and volatile in terms of managing the data and security with minimum risk.

This application is available at free of cost – and initially,  it is developed for Google apps only to track the user activities for any malicious intention. He further told that GeoFence has other commercial offering for its customers but this security system is developed for Google Apps administrators who are unable to track that their user accounts are misused in the cloud computing environment or not. He also maintained that this security solution is not based on digital loss prevention or DLP technology.

This tool will track the attempts made by hackers from different geographical locations; it will also log all the attempts both the successful and failed, to provide a deep insight into the activities of the hackers to misuse the Google Apps in the cloud environment. “Although Google has already provided an administrative dashboard to its users to a certain level of visibility but the threat is much higher and GeoFence tool will prove to be more effective useful for the users of Google Apps” said Kevin O’Brien.

Elaborating the approach to develop this security solution, Kevin told that “GeoFence CloudLock solution is  based on trust-but-verify approach, which is contrary to command-and-control approach of encryption”. This application is being released for Google apps initially but over the time, this cloud computing based security solution will also be offered for other applications very soon. “We’re not quite ready to announce our next labs project yet, but stay tuned—there are a lot of frontiers left to explore in terms of true cloud security, and we’re committed to innovation in the space” he added.

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