The Corporate Sponsorship of OpenStack Foundation Announced By Oracle Corporation

oracle-logoThe OpenStack foundation is swelling on a regular basis – the sponsorship announcement  by Oracle Corporation is another example of strength of this open source cloud computing forum. Oracle is eyeing on addressing the vendor lock-in issue by integrating its cloud product profile with OpenStack technology. – It was the big news of this week in the domain of cloud computing marketplace that oracle has announced the corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation. This was announced by the Redwood giant in a statement that the company is eyeing on the removal of vendor lock-in bottleneck in the domain of cloud computing based services. In that pursuit, the company has joined hands with the OpenStack open source technologies to integrate its industry products and platforms into the OpenStack cloud platform for providing a consolidated, comprehensive and free of vendor lock-in cloud computing service portfolio to its customers.

openstack_oracleThis announcement came  after a few days of IBM announcement regarding the patent pending technology for the removal of vendor lock-in in the cloud business. This move of Oracle Corporation to become a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack foundation is considered to be good sign for the growth, flexibility and the cloud service portfolio in this domain of information technology.

Oracle is planning to integrate its most promising products and cloud based technologies with the OpenStack technologies to provide flexible and highly featured service in the domain of private as well as public clouds. In his statement, Edward Screven, the chief corporate architect at Oracle Corporation said, “Oracle is pleased to join the OpenStack Foundation and plans to integrate OpenStack capabilities into a broad set of Oracle products and cloud services. Our goal is to give customers greater choice and flexibility in how they use Oracle products and services in public and private clouds”.

The major products and services of Oracle Corporation that are being planned to be integrated with OpenStack technology include – Oracle Virtual Machine and its infrastructure as a service, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Storage and Compute Clouds and  enterprise Unix OS Oracle Solaris.

While welcoming the inclusion of Oracle in the foundation, the chief operating officer of OpenStack, Mark Collier said, “We welcome Oracle to the OpenStack community, and look forward to innovative contributions from their many domain experts as we continue to pursue the vision of a common cloud management platform.”

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