Cloud OS Network Launched: Microsoft Boosts Scope of Cloud Computing Hybrid Options

Microsoft Boosts Scope of Cloud Computing Hybrid Options

Microsoft Boosts Scope of Cloud Computing Hybrid Options

Cloud OS Network is a consortium of more than 25 cloud based service operators across the globe that have committed to embrace the cloud OS network vision based on Microsoft cloud computing platform for hybrid options. – This was announced by the Microsoft Corporation in a blog post that 25 top cloud service providers CSPs across the globe have joined together to form a consortium to aggressively promote the future of hybrid cloud computing platform. This consortium will use the wide range of cloud based products and platforms of Microsoft Corporation to provide a flexible and dynamic Cloud OS Network platform for the provisioning of a diverse range of cloud service such as – private, public and hybrid cloud. This group of industry leaders will provide the cloud based services based on the powerful Microsoft Azure Pack, Windows Server and Hypervisor Hyper-V to their respective customers.

The importance of the consortium was further elaborated in the blog as saying that the members of this group are industry leading and are spread across the globe from New Zealand to Singapore and United Kingdom – for example, Revera, SingTel, Capita, Dimension Data, NTTX and many others. The operation of these companies is spread across over 90 countries with more than 425 data centers. The customer base of these strategic partners is spread over 3 million members across the globe.

In his blog post, Takeshi Numoto the corporate vice president of cloud and enterprise marketing at Microsoft wrote, “It is a great news for enterprise customers across the globe – Our investment and commitment to Azure as a global cloud platform is enormous, but so if our belief in hybrid cloud and that there are going to be many, many clouds around the world due to the tremendous variety of customers and needs”. He further added that “The Cloud OS Network and our partnerships with its members demonstrate our focus on providing choice and flexibility to customers in cloud computing; and it’s all based around the promise of the three connected clouds – private, public and service provider.”

It was also explicitly indicated in the post that Microsoft Corporation is strongly committed to the provisioning of consolidated cloud computing based hybrid solutions through its featured platforms. The vision of the consortium is clear that future of cloud computing is hybrid cloud.

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