Amazon Integrates an iPad based Media Downloading Application with Its Cloud Drive to Improve the User Experience with Cloud Storage Service

amazon-cloud computingAmazon is pursuing its ambition about creating improvement, value and user experience in its all cloud computing based services aggressively. An automatic video storage application based on iPad devices is one of those steps to improve the user experience of using its Cloud Drive. This application is integrated with the cloud storage to automatically download and manage the videos and other media in the ‘Amazon cloud drive’. – The pursuit of the Amazon Company to regularly enhance the value and user experience of its clients is an ongoing activity that makes it one of the leading cloud computing based service providers in the industry. Its ambition to create a great experience of iPad and iPad mini user clients, it has integrated an automatic video application that downloads and manages the videos in the Amazon’s cloud based storage service ‘Cloud Drive’.

This is a very useful application for the users of Apple’s products because it automatically downloads and stores the media files such as videos and audios in the Amazon Cloud Drive. This will be a great value for the users because it would improve the backup efficiency of the service. This application would automatically upload the video clips to the user account on Amazon Cloud Drive.

This application would support the video file of as much as 20 minutes duration and less that 2 GB of data. Amazon has also integrated a playback tool for playing the videos in the cloud. Thus, users would be able to use their stored videos without downloading to the computers for watching those videos. The company has also updated the application for using it in full screen of the iOS enabled devices, which were restricted to see the video in half screen of their devices previously.

It was further explained by the company that there were a few complaints about crushes of this application during first experience but those issues and bugs have also been removed by the release of a new update on the application. Now, user can enjoy seamlessly the wonderful entertainment from the cloud storage of Amazon without any boundaries of local storage or media players.

This new service will prove to be another value addition to the cloud storage service of Amazon Company, which is leading in many domains of cloud computing services in the marketplace.

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