Gartner Data Center Conference to throw Light on Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Begins Today in Las Vegas

gartner-cloud-computingInformation technology related business has revolutionized during recent years due to the widespread impact of cloud computing, social and mobile technologies. This has brought many issues and opportunities for the infrastructure and operations I&O organizations especially for the data center operators across the globe. Gartner’s data center conference will explore the new dimensions of this business. – Influenced by the cloud computing technologies and demands of the marketplace, the data center business both the infrastructure and operating companies are looking for  the most intelligent solutions to transform the infrastructure and operations in a smart way to make the most of  the forces that are changing the IT industry drastically.

According to the Gartner’s website the conference will start from 9th of December 2013 and will conclude on 12th of December 2013. The agenda is very contemporary, which will provide a deeper insight into different domains of IT business especially Cloud computing, data center operations, social applications, mobile related applications and services and other modern technologies related to data. The conference would be attended by major experts in the industry and researcher, who will be sharing their experience and vision with the audience regarding the infrastructure and operation I&O entities .

The major challenges posed by the dynamic cloud-based data center business such as – mobility with secure BYOD strategy, mitigation of the cost of infrastructure without sacrificing the quality of data delivery in the cloud, developing and retaining the best talent in I&O and data center domains and finally the development of the best cloud strategies for organizations to effectively implement and benefit from this wonderful technology.

It was further described on the website that a large section of this conference would also be dedicated to discussing the way outs for developing the power, cooling and space efficient data centers, which can realize the real opportunities to provide the most cost efficient cloud based service to startups and other businesses. The “intelligent data center” business operations would be the focal point of this conference – the different ways to synchronize the explosions of the modern digital technologies would be discussed that can create the competitive advantages and the business value for the operators in this domain of industry.

There is a long list of major organizations that are participating this conference to share their expertise and experiences.

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