Multiple Investing Schemes Launched By HP to Help Corporate Customers to Migrate to the Cloud

hp-cloud-computingThe Financial Services division of IT giant Hewllet-Packard Corporation has announced multiple financial investing schemes for helping the customers migrate their private and on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. For that purpose, it has announced multiple schemes such as – Pre-Provisioning Solutions, Converged System Financing, Moon-shot Financing and customized solutions.

GreatResponder –  An ambitious financial initiative has been announced by IT giant HP for accelerating the migration of on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud computing based infrastructure. This program is termed as “Accelarated Migration to Cloud”. The program based on multiple financial schemes was announced by the CEO of HP Financial Services Irv Rothman in his statement. This announcement was made public about one week ahead of its planned seminar called as “Discover Conference, Barcelona”.

Irv Rothman further elaborated the program and said, “We take a collaborative approach to ensure customers have the technology and financial flexibility they require to effectively meet current and future business needs”. For making it happen HP has announced very exciting plans for migrating the IT infrastructure to the cloud computing based infrastructure.

The crux of the program is that HP would purchase the customers’ assets and would lease them back to the customer to help them easily migrate to the cloud. The assets would be upgraded and provided to the customers to move to the cloud.

It was further informed that three standard financial schemes have been devised for customers. In first scheme – called as a Pre-Provisioning Solution – the equipment is delivered to the customer and payment is received down the road even after the equipment is installed and activated for use. The second plan called ‘Coverged Systems Financing’ allows the customers to pay on a monthly basis during the complete life cycle of the IT infrastructure. The third financing scheme is based on the most powerful and cutting edge technology based HP’s web server “Moonshot Web Server” – in this financial plan, a monthly payment will be agreed upon and it can also be scaled according to the capacity needs of the company.

It was also informed through the statement that this program would prove to be very helpful in accelerating the migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud with the most affordable way. The companies would be able to benefit the commercial and technical advantages of cloud computing based infrastructure without any serious financial problems.

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