Turk Telecom Group Announces It Futuristic Cloud Computing Based Private and Public Service Portfolio for Its Customers

Turk-TelecomTurk telecom group is one of the leading IT service providers in Turkey – it has announced on December 4, 2013 that a cloud based private and public service portfolio would be at the finger tips of it valued customers. This cloud service is based on the HP software as a service ‘SaaS’ platform called Cloud System Service Provider “CSSP” solution, that supports end user self-service, service catalog and administration panel.

Greatresponder.com – This announcement of cloud computing based private and public services for Turk telecom surfaced one day before the ‘Datacenter Dynamics Converged” conference in Istanbul. It was announced that CSSP platform would be able to deliver the world class private and public cloud services to its customers in the country. The services offered through this platform would be both the IaaS and SaaS based – SaaS service will include MS Exchange email, IIS for windows while, Apache for Linux based hosting services – and IaaS services would include the virtual machines or VMs. This service portfolio is able to support end-user self-service and admin panel that can be integrated with the existing operational systems and the business profile of the telecom company for better integration and end user experience.

Speaking at the occasion, the vice president of the company Timur Ceylan said that the cloud services of the company would be offered through a fully automated web portal along with a service catalogue to allow customers to quickly scale their needs.

He further said, “HP has a proven end-to-end cloud solution with a skilled team of public and private cloud technology experts that will provide us a flexible, scalable and future-proof solution fully integrated with our current OSS/BSS systems and give our customers the flexibility they need”.

At this occasion, David Sliter, the general manager and vice president of media, communication and entertainment solutions at HP said that “Telecom sector should opt for cutting edge technologies and HP’s scalable, secure cloud offerings, along with the team’s vast local and global experience on public and private cloud service, will fuel a significant push toward Turk Telekom’s cloud offerings and position it as a fully automated IT services provider”.

It is being discussed in the technological circles that cloud based offering in emerging markets like Turkey over the existing telecom structure would be very helpful for both the customers and providers.

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