Google Launches Its Full-fledged Cloud Based ‘Compute Engine’ to Enter the Domain of ‘IaaS’ Cloud Business as a Strong Party

Compute Engine is a full-fledged Infrastructure as a service or ‘IaaS’ platform of Google Corporation that allows provides a high level of availability and exciting billing features. It is being marketed by Google as the best platform for application developers, which will provide competitive cloud computing service in the fiercely competitive marketplace. – Google corporation the search engine giant has announced the availability of its ambitious product in the domain of cloud computing called as ‘Compute Engine’. This is an infrastructure as a service platform like the ones operated by Amazon and Microsoft Corporation. Although, the critics are criticizing for late entry of this IT giant into the cloud market as a powerful player, despite the fact that it started its other cloud based platforms long ago in 2008. These cloud computing services included platform as a service ‘PaaS’ and Google Apps but the ‘IaaS’ domain was not aggressively pursued – on the other hand, other cloud based service providers such as Amazon, MS and others have already strong footprints in this domain of business.

While writing in a blog post, Ari Balogh, the vice president of Google Corporation said, “We are eyeing on the next big step of the Google Corporation in the domain of cloud computing platforms and will continue aggressively to support our highly valued customers in the domain of application development and related business on this exciting cloud platform”.

In the statement, it was also informed that this platform will provide the options for minute based billing and other exciting features of businesses and startups. The IT giant also plans to provide world class 24×7 customer services and almost 100% availability or network uptime. It was further added that the virtual machines will be self healing and will be up within minutes in case of any hardware failure or maintenance activities. This can be done by setting up ‘Compute Engine’ to automatically restart the instances in case of hardware failures.

The company has also announced the support for Red Hat Linux Enterprise – thus, the developers can use any out of the box Red Hat Linux distribution – this will be good news for the developers and business that use infrastructure as a service for their business and software development.

Google will also be satisfied to market the names of Red Hat and RightScale as their partners in this ambitious initiative.

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