Salesforce Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Cloud Computing Platform Called ‘Salesforce1’

salesforce cloud computingSalesforce1 platform is the most innovative, integrated and professional commitment of the Salesforce team to provide the customer experience in the cloud computing. This platform provides the customer with attractive interfaces and integrated platform for mobile, cloud and social networking world.


The CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff announced one of the most ambitious cloud computing based platform of the company last week. He unleashed the innovative and highly capable cloud platform during the IT event of the company “Dreamforce” in San Franscisco. He termed the platform as the most promising, futuristic and ideal for the integrated approach for customers to experience the internet of customers on a single platform.

Explaining the features and capabilities of this cloud platform, Benioff said, “This platform is very suitable for the developers for mobile, social and cloud applications – and we have strived  to provide the best way to interact with the customers the way they deserve to be interacted.” He further said that mobile applications are a bit difficult to build but this new generation platform makes it more convenient for the developers.  He further pointed out that they have assessed the way to connect with the customers very delicately and developed this platform as a complete and consolidated solution to connect the customers entirely new way.

He further informed the audience that included the customers, nonprofits and partners of the company that “this is not just a speech but it is a high performance and quality platform that will provide a glimpse of the future of the internet of customers”.

This will prove to be the face of future of cloud connection with the customers that will focus  on the main five targeted areas of sales force – developers, end users, ISV, customers and administrators.

CEO of the company also told the audience that “The technology resurgence based on mobile, cloud computing, and social networking is underway and will keep growing in the future to come – the customers of diverse backgrounds would be able to benefit via mobile, social and cloud based technology of this amazing platform” – he further added that we have been pioneers in realizing the term B2C in the industry.

On this occasion, the Salesforce also announced its strategic partnership with HP by announcing the product called as “Superpod” – and also reiterated that Salesforce would be transformed into a customer company very soon.

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