Cloud Computing Veteran at VMware Nicolas Jacques Joins As ‘Executive Director’ at OpenLight SDN Project

Nicolas Neela — The ‘Software Defined Networking’ or SDN is a visionary and ambitious project of the Linux foundation to offer open source cloud, networking and Virtualization software, which can change the landscapes and ecosystem of open source cloud computing. The project has now got the services of cloud computing veteran Nicolas Jacques, who was the executive at VMware – the cloud computing Virtualization giant in the domain of cloud business.

Nicolas Jacques officially joined as the project director of SDN project initiated by Linux foundation – he will be reporting directly to the head of the foundation.

This is very important to note that Nicolas Jacques started many cloud computing initiatives while working with VMware Virtualization Company – successfully completed those projects in accordance with their specifications and attributes. These products of VMware proved to be very fundamental components of the company business and cloud technology. He was also very instrumental in bringing the core Virtualization products of VMware to the market with successful results.

The objectives of the SDN project are to develop network functions virtualization NFV and software defined networking SDN software platform, which can collaborate and enhance the open source cloud computing ecosystem across this domain of technology and industry. The project will change interoperability and collaboration of open source platforms to revolutionize the cloud computing environment. This SDN solution would enable the open source developers, users and vendors, and ISVs to keep improving the open source environment in the domain of cloud computing without any undue dependency on the proprietary solution.

In the statement issued by the Linux foundation, the company surfaced this information to the media. The statement further quoted with reference to the newly hired project director that “ This project (SDN) is the last mile of Virtualization,” and he added, “it is the open source software and the collaborative development which will lead us to this destination.”

It was further explained in the statement that SDN project will help cloud computing ecosystem in such an effective way as the other open source platforms like OpenStack and Hadoop are doing for the industry at present. This product is expected to be released – first version platform Hydrogen – by the month of December 2013. It is anticipated by the foundation that this project will be very pivotal for its mission called as “developer-driven mission” in the future.

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