Cloud Based IT Outsourcing Surpasses the In-House IT Infrastructures By 2015 – A Research Study

Cloud – Cloud computing and cloud hosting is progressing very aggressively during the last few years; the adoption  of cloud based services, resources and infrastructure is more than 35% at present – but it is anticipated to cross the 50% mark by the next couple of years. At present many corporations are maintaining their own in-house IT infrastructures but they are moving very aggressively to transform their in-house infrastructure to cloud based resources. This is suggested by a recent research study conducted by SAVVIS – a CenturyLink company.

This research report further anticipates that cloud implementation will reach to 70% of the IT resources and infrastructures by the end of 2018. Cloud based IT outsourcing is gaining acceptance very fast due to many reasons such as – cost reduction, quality improvement, flexibility, cutting edge technologies and reduced administration time. There were times a few years back when many corporate companies were reluctant to adopt the cloud computing based services in their IT infrastructures and they prefer to have their own in-house or on-premises IT infrastructures to manage their industry grade services. There were many reasons for their reluctance such as security, reliability, privacy and performance concerns – but with the passage of time, the cloud computing technologies has shown a very dramatic impact on these corporations with the help of improvement in the security and performance related concerns.

According to this report, CIOs and CTOs of the companies are opting to migrate their on-site IT resources to cloud based hosting due to cost, quality and flexibility. The existing ratio of increase in cloud based IT infrastructure is recorded at 40% during the past four years from 2010 to 2013 – during this period of time, many large and medium sized corporate opted to shift their IT infrastructure platforms from in-house to cloud computing based services. These companies are also reducing their human resources to maintain their on-premises infrastructures with the help of outsourcing of human resources. This report further points out that large organizations will slowly and gradually reduce their IT staff to minimum.

At the same time, this report also finds out that the overall usage of Cloud computing based services has increased tremendously during last three to four years. The ratio of cloud based services used in the entire industry today is about 89%, which was about 63% in the year 2010.

This report also reveals many exciting things about cloud computing and cloud hosting service trends that are expected to change the shape of IT services in the next few years.

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