IBM Invents ‘Green Power Technology’ for Cloud Computing Service Providers – A good news has surfaced this week regarding the latest invention of green power technology in the domain of cloud computing services. According to the press release issued by the Armonk-based company, IBM has developed this prospective technology that enables the cloud computing operators to flexibly distribute their service processing loads intelligently among the underutilized machines in such a way that a substantial amount of energy will be saved with this intelligent technology.

This technology incorporates the most intelligent logic of the power consumption in a certain data center or the cluster of servers, which effectively shifts the loads of the services in such a way that the servers that are underutilized and low powered would be utilized in the most efficient manner. Thus, a huge volume of power will be saved to leave a desirable impact on environmental footprints and on the expenditures caused by enormous power consumption.

It is further explained in the press release that IBM has also received the patent of this technology from the US department of patent & trademarks. The department has issued the patent number-8,549,125 for this green power technology of IMB company.

It has been observed that a huge rise in the power consumption in cloud computing services has occurred during the past few years, and many data centers offering cloud computing based services, are coping with the problem of extra usage of energy due to the under-utilization of server capacities at different intervals of time during the whole day. Thus, a huge burden of wastage of energy is sustained by the cloud hosting providers or operators – but with the help of this technology, these operators would be able to save a substantial amount of energy and subsequently creating a desirable impact on the environment.

This technology functions exactly the same way as the energy companies do by offering different kinds of power consumptions. This technology routes the processing requests to the servers and the other networking equipments that are under-performing and subsequently reducing the consumption of energy. According to Keith Walker, who is also co-inventor of this patent – “We have invented a way for cloud service providers to more efficiently manage their data centers and, as a result, significantly reduce their environmental impact.” He further added that “This system will be very useful and productive for cloud computing and cloud hosting service provider company and data center operators to curtail their power expenditures to the possible minimum levels.”


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