Web Hosting and Domain Registration Go Daddy Changed the Advertisement Strategy for Super Bowl

Web Hosting and Domain Registry Go Daddy has participate in Super Bowl evening with two commercials that are shockingly tame.

Web Hosting and Domain Registry Go Daddy has participate in Super Bowl evening with two commercials that are shockingly tame.

Web Hosting Go Daddy Changed the Ad Strategy for Super Bowl
Web Hosting Go Daddy Changed the Ad Strategy for Super Bowl

Greatresponder.com on Feb.4 2013:  Web Hosting and Domain Registration Go Daddy has moved to the next step of reputation by moved from sexualized ads to focus more heavily on specific services Go Daddy provides, said Barb Rechterman, the company’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

NASCAR driver and Go Daddy spokesmodel Danica Patrick has cameos in both commercials but is not the focus, as she often has been in the past. “What we see now is that we have tremendous brand awareness,” Rechterman said. “They (focus-group members) knew the name but didn’t know what Go Daddy does.”

That explains the first of this year’s Go Daddy Super Bowl ads, called “YourBigIdea.CO,” which encourages consumers to follow through on their online moneymaking ideas by purchasing a website through Go Daddy. The humorous, 30-second spot cuts to several men around the world, all sitting on couches with their wives, bragging that they have come up with a one-of-a-kind business idea. The joke is that they all have the same great idea, but none of them has capitalized on it.

The commercial ends with a couple drinking champagne on their private jet because the husband followed through on the idea and created a website. Rechterman said the ad is meant to celebrate people who take initiative. The second Go Daddy commercial, which was unveiled Thursday, has been causing the greater buzz, not because it is sexually explicit but because it includes a lingering, extreme close-up of two people French-kissing.

The ad, titled “Perfect Match,” features Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli making out with portly, nerdy character actor Jesse Heiman for what some critics said feels like an eternity. The cringe-worthy kiss is meant to illustrate Go Daddy’s marriage of sexy and smart, Rechterman said. The Perfect Match ad does not specifically tout a particular Go Daddy service, but Rechterman said it fits into a larger marketing strategy to show the company’s customers, products and services in a positive light. “We’re redefining what Go Daddy believes is sexy,” she said.

This will be Go Daddy’s ninth consecutive year buying Super Bowl ads, which reportedly cost between $3.5million and $4million this year for a 30-second spot. Despite their high cost, Rechterman said the ads have helped boost Go Daddy’s market share from 16 percent to more than 50percent since 2005. “We’re going to do whatever works in advertising,” she said.