Digital Realty Opens Data Center in Sydney

New data center was opened in Sydney, this new data center runs by Digital Realty.

New data center was opened in Sydney, this new data center runs by Digital Realty.

Digital Realty Opens Data Center in Sydney
Digital Realty Opens Data Center in Sydney on Jan. 28 2013: Digital Realty’s first local data centre in Sydney to provide social networking giant Facebook in the US — will pump a total of $350 million building data centres in Australia. The value of the Erskine Park site was not revealed. As the sun soared down on the 8000 square metre facility, Mr O’Farrell described the data centre as a major economic fillip for western Sydney.

“Digital Realty a worldwide player in data centres is welcome in this country,” Mr O’Farrell said. The multi-million dollar hub had created roughly 250 jobs during development — both the investment and job creation a sign that foreign investment was welcome in the state, he said. “All those jobs who rely on data centres … that’s welcome at a time when the need for families for jobs and an income has never been bigger

“… at a time when there are those who question the value of overseas investment we see through the $350m (that) Digital Realty are putting into Australia that it’s not only supporting direct jobs (and) indirect jobs but it’s also supporting Australian businesses.”

The foreign investment issue made headlines last year when Nationals MPs, particularly Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce, slammed the sale of giant cotton farm Cubbie Station to a Chinese consortium. Former prime minister Bob Hawke said people shouldn’t be worried about foreign investment or immigration. “Australia was built on people and capital investment coming into the country,” Mr Hawke said. “And they can’t pack up and take the bloody land with them.”

Digital Realty Asia-Pacific chief Kris Kumar expects staff numbers at the data centre to hit up to 100 roles from the 20 people currently employed full time. The Sydney site is home to global web hosting company Rackspace, while National Australia Bank will house its wares at Digital Realty’s Melbourne data centre.

Digital Realty has another hub in Sydney’s Macquarie Park.