Rackspace Hosting Improves the Quality of Services for Their Open Cloud Platform

Rackspace Hosting Improves the Quality of Services for Their Open Cloud Platform

Rackspace Hosting Improves the Quality of Services for Their Open Cloud Platform

Greatresponder.com on Dec 03, 2012: For more than 10 years, Rackspace Hosting has served customers who needs partner to help them reduce the complexities of building, deploying, optimizing, maintaining and troubleshooting complex web applications. Rackspace Hosting is now offering that same Fanatical Support to customers across its entire portfolio, including the company’s new open cloud platform, through Managed and Critical Application Services. Rackspace Hosting today announced new features and enhanced service offerings for open cloud platform customers.

“Providing the highest level of service in the industry is central to our values as a company,” said Rackspace President Lew Moorman. “Cloud computing customers tell us they want good pricing and exceptional service, and offering one without the other simply won’t cut it in today’s environment.”

“Rackspace’s reliability gives Acquity Group the freedom to focus on creating great apps and onboarding customers without worrying about infrastructure,” said Kevin Ellenwood, Vice President of Shared Services at Acquity Group, a leading e-commerce and digital marketing company. “It’s unacceptable for us to have any type of outage, and quite frankly, our support team at Rackspace has the same attitude. That’s why we’re here.”

Critical Application Services allows companies to focus on their core business while Rackspace keeps their vital applications running smoothly. To provide this service level, Rackspace uses a unique combination of web-scale engineers, on-going consultation, and performance monitoring. Every environment is tailored to the customer’s specific business needs. Critical Application Services (Advanced) is backed by Fanatical Support, and by Rackspace’s 100 percent Production Platform Uptime Guarantee.

These services include help for tasks such as capacity planning, scaling architecture, configuration, patching, monitoring, security guidance, database tuning and optimization, troubleshooting for infrastructure and certain operating systems, database engines and application platforms.

Managed Cloud Services support the entire Rackspace Open Cloud including:

  • Cloud Servers and Cloud Databases, powered by OpenStack;
  • Cloud Files and Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack;
  • Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud DNS and Cloud Networks.

“Managed Cloud really allows us to focus specifically on our app, and not all the IT stuff around it. Not that we can’t do it, but I have code to write,” said Chris Le, Lead Developer, Seer Interactive, an industry leader in SEO, SEM, and analytics.

Rackspace open cloud gives customers true choice and control without the fear of being locked-in to the closed, proprietary technologies of any one vendor. “We believe customers ought to be able to move anytime they see another provider offering better features, service or value,” said Moorman.



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