HostColorEurope Upgrades Web Hosting Network To Turkey on Nov 02, 2012: HostColorEurope upgrade its network by establishing direct connectivity to Istanbul in Turky. The new upstream shortens the round trip delay for the Turkish Internet users who access server hosted in HCE network to only 11 ms. Host Color Europe (HCE) is among the leaders in the European market of Shared Web Hosting services since December 2004. The company’s core European infrastructure is hosted in a state-of-the-art, Tier 4 facility based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. It also has equipment in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

HostColorEurope Upgrades Web Hosting Network To Turkey“We are happy to offer our current and prospective Dedicated server and Colocation customers the shortest possible Internet route to Turkey, a fast growing economy and country with a 73 million population. Now Host Color Europe drives business to anyone who is looking forward to serving customers in a country with huge young, well educated population like Turkey,” says Host Color’s VP or Operations Martin Andreev. Host Color Europe (HCE), a company owned by the U.S. web hosting provider Host Color (, has announced a very important upgrade to its network. HCE has connected to two local providers of quality IP bandwidth (BIX and ITDNet) to offer its customers a direct connectivity to Istanbul and the whole Turkish Internet market. Now Host Color Europe’s customers can take advantage of a very short round-trip delay (Ping Time) of 11 ms to Istanbul, a city of 14 million residents.

A survey by Turk Telekom and Ipsos KMG of the Turkey’s internet usage for Q1, 2012 says that 52% (9.9 million) of the 19.1 million Turkish households use computers and 41% of them have a high speed Internet connection. 60.9% of Turkey’s Internet users are male, while 39.1% are female. 76% use the Internet for e-mail, while and 71% go online to chat. 67 percent of Internet users listen to music, 66% watch videos or movies, 61% visit news websites, 55% use Internet to play online games, 24% shop online, while 23% bank online, the study reveals.

In Sofia, Bulgaria Host Color Europe (HCE) operates fully-redundant, 100% uptime SLA guarantee network (AS 44553). It features connectivity to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), DE-CIX, Frankfurt Internet Exchange, Balkanix (Balkan Internet Exchange), PLIX (Polish Internet Exchange), SOX (Serbia), and three (3) Romanian Internet Exchanges. HCE is also connected to Cogent,, Turkcell, Magyar Telecom, and to other regional carriers through local Internet Exchanges. The company’s customers who want to serve any specific local markets can get custom build, optimized Internet routes to various points of Europe. The HCE network provides our customers with best possible connectivity to the whole Europe (London – 47 ms; Amsterdam – 50 ms; Frankfurt – 43 ms; Munich – 48 ms; Paris – 73 ms; Madrid – 77 ms; Lisbon – 72 ms; Athens – 12 ms; Bucharest – 12.5 ms), Russia, Ukraine, Turkey (Istanbul – 11 ms) and Middle East.

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