Web Hosting VPS Host Starts Its Latest and Featured Management Console Monitoring System

Greatresponder.com on Oct 23, 2012: Web hosting and virtual private server hosting Provider Company Solar VPS has announced on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012 that it has successfully implemented and put into operation its latest web hosting monitoring service “SolarRay” to two more locations of Orlando and Chicago. The already existing node is in it’s headquarter located at Clifton, New Jersey. The Solar VPS has total three nodes now with the two new nodes functioning at Chicago, Illinois and Orlando, Florida. Moreover, Solar VPS is planning to deploy SolarRay Monitoring nodes in Dallas, Las Vegas and London by the first quarter of 2013.

The COO Ross Brouse and a team of IT engineers internally developed SolarRay Monitoring system. The best thing about it is that it allows 24/7/365 monitoring from multiple locations and allow to monitor downtime email notification, downtime logging, threshold sensitivity and email notification consolidation. Moreover, Solar VPS will soon add proactive support to SolarRay, SMS notifications, SNMP monitoring and a reseller control panel.

In his official statement the Chief Operating Officer of Solar VPS Mr. Ross Brouse said, “SolarRay is important for our clients because we are integrating our uptime monitoring service with the SolarSystem free of charge. We are doing this so our clients can monitor their websites without having to pay for a third party monitoring solution. SolarRay allows SolarSystem users to monitor their VPS from multiple locations using discrete networks to decrease the false positive rate.”

He further said, “There were so many things we couldn’t provide because we were stuck with this pre-created software that we had no ability to change; we were getting the feedback, but we couldn’t really say, sure, we’ll take that into account and build something in for you. We wanted to have the ability to give customers the things they were asking for without having to go to our software vendor and say, hey, can you build this in in three years?”

Thanks to the SolarRay monitoring service of Solar VPS, now the SolarSystem users can monitor as many websites as they want to. This is a solution that is completely integrated with the SolarSystem control panel.

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