Cloud Hosting MetaCloud Launches OpenStack Based Enterprise Private Cloud Solution

Cloud Hosting MetaCloud Cloud Hosting MetaCloud Launches OpenStack Based Private Cloud SolutionOpenStack Based Enterprise Private Cloud Solution

Cloud Hosting MetaCloud Launches OpenStack Based Private Cloud Solution on Oct 20, 2012: Cloud hosting MetaCloud announced on Monday October 15, 2012 in annual ‘OpenStack Summit 2012” that it has started enterprise private cloud solutions for its enterprise customers. This solution is based on the OpenStack open source cloud technology.  It was also told in the announcement that they have support of two veteran companies and experts; among these veterans Jerry Yang and its company AME cloud ventures is important to name. Storm Venture is another veteran that supports MetaCloud’s new private cloud solutions bases on OpenStack.

It was further informed in the statement that MetaCloud would provide its customers with fully managed services of infrastructure; the customers will have full control on their servers through OpenStack private cloud services configured and managed independently by the customers. They can configure, upgrade, scale up and scale down at their will. Customers would be able to make the most of these open source based services of cloud technology. MetaCloud has very exciting features to offer to its customers for this enterprise private cloud solutions like freedom and full control on resources, fail over redundancy, and automatic deployment etc

In his statement, Mr. Steve Curry the CEO of Metacloud said, “We founded Metacloud with the firm belief that cloud is not a buzz word, nor should it be hard to deploy and manage. Businesses can’t wait for months or years for results and cloud implementations shouldn’t take that long. Despite popular misconceptions, IT organizations can have the best of both worlds: a cloud customized to their requirements, deployed quickly and cost effectively. IT organizations shouldn’t have to keep buying proprietary hardware or software that locks them into an increasingly expensive cycle. Nor should they have to put up with costly public cloud services that can’t scale with their data center operations or business needs.”