Web Hosting Hivelocity Offers Promotional 60GB SSD Free Disk on Any New Server Purchase

Web Hosting Hivelocity Offers 60GB SSD Free Disk

Web Hosting Hivelocity Offers 60GB SSD Free Disk

Greatresponder.com on Oct 16, 2012: Web hosting and cloud services Provider Company Hivelocity announced on Thursday October 11, 2012 that it has started a promotional offer on every new purchase of cloud server with it. They would offer a promotional 60 GB free Solid State Drive SSD on every purchase of cloud hosting plan. This was announced by the company to strengthen the sales of it’s newly introduced multiple types of server configurations for cloud hosting services.  Web hosting Hivelocity has recently introduced many server configurations like Sandy Bridge E5, Westmere E7 systems, Ivy Bridge E3, and Intel E5-2600 Romley Xeon server line.

It was further informed in the statement that solid state drive is very efficient and high speed as compared to other storage technologies like SATA or SAS; SSD increase its input output efficiency almost at 4 times better than other technologies and twice of the speed of SATA, which is 7200 rpm. This fast speed and efficient input/ output increase the speed of the servers and thus loading of the resources on the websites and other access systems.

In his statement, Mr. Drew Adams, manager sales at Hivelocity web hosting USA said, “We have been offering solid state drives with our servers for the last year or two and every month they gain more traction; the speed benefits our customers with SSD have realized is fantastic and we figured a super fast server equates to a super happy customer so let’s give them away for free. Anyone who has a solid state drive on their new laptop at home knows how much faster the OS reacts and how fast read/writes occur. Servers are no different and our customers have raved about the boost in performance.”

Many other companies are also are also planning to introduce SSD drives for their customers to provide them better and efficient services.

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