Cloud Hosting DreamHost to Compete with EC2 by Its OpenStack Powered DreamCompute Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting DreamHost to Compete with EC2 by Its OpenStack

Cloud Hosting DreamHost to Compete with EC2 by Its OpenStack on Oct 16, 2012: Cloud hosting service provider DreamHost has announced on Monday October 15, 2012 through official press release statement that it is going to compete with Amazon EC2 cloud services with the help of its OpenStack powered DreamCompute cloud services. Amazon EC2 is one of the major cloud services on the market place.

It was further informed in the press release that DreamCompute is customized very diligently for both developers and providers to provide awesome features and flexibility. The Dream compute service has been released as beta service this week and after few weeks, the prices of the services would be announced later. Dream host is continuously starting many types of cloud hosting services to establish its reputable presence in the cloud market; a wide variety of services would help Dream Host cloud hosting to establish a wide portfolio of services.

In statement Mr. Simon Anderson the CEO of Dream Host said, “I’m excited to see that the web hosting industry in particular start to break the boundaries of hosting, which have been reasonably static for quite a long time. I think what I’d like everyone to see is, look, at its core, we are very good as an industry at highly efficient and scalable infrastructure. And we shouldn’t forget that. Just because Amazon has come along and built a substantial multibillion-dollar business around delivering that infrastructure doesn’t mean that we can’t be out there competing with them. We have the ability to leanly run operations. We have the ability to do great customer service. We’re very close to our customers, all of us. Certainly much closer than Amazon has been.”

This was also explained in the press release statement that DreamCompute is highly scalable and flexible platform to produce different volumes of instances starting from 1GB to 64GB of RAM. The provisioning is very quick and secure for all types of instances on OpenStack platform.

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