GlowTouch Technologies Consolidates Its Business in Web Hosting Domain by Acquiring MetroMojo Hosting on Oct 12, 2012: This was announced by GlowTouch technologies on Wednesday October 10, 2012 that it has acquired web hosting and application development platform of MetroMojo web hosting provider along with its existing web hosting customer base. The financial terms and conditions of this acquisition were not made to the public. This is very important to note that GlowTouch made its way to seek a position in fortune 5000 list of USA companies. It is one among a handful of web hosting companies that made to fortune 5000 list. The list of fortune 5000 was released couple of months ago.

It was further informed in the statement that with this acquisition of web hosting platform and customer base of MetroMojo host, GlowTouch would be able to consolidate its business portfolio in web hosting services along with its big IT development customer base across the region. With the addition of web hosting and development services, GlowTouch would be in better position to offer more professional and comprehensive solutions to its customer base and would also be able to sustain its growth in highly competitive environment.

In her statement Vidya Ravichandran, the president of GlowTouch technologies said, “Metromojo’s customer-centric approach to offering web design services made them an ideal partner. Integrating Metromojo’s web development platform into our web design business will allow us to further enhance our capabilities and continue delivering superior technology services to all of our customers.”

It was also stated in the press statement that MetroMojo has a very strong customer base in Kentucky and Louisville area; among such customers few important ones are Quest Outdoors, wine rack, St. Albert the great etc. With this merger both customers from Metromojo and GlowTown would be get an opportunity to benefit from a consolidate services of GlowTouch.

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