Cloud Hosting VMware Enhances Management Tool in vCloud Suite

Cloud Hosting VMware Enhances Management Tool in vCloud Suite

Cloud Hosting VMware Enhances Management Tool in vCloud Suite on Oct 10, 2012 : Cloud hosting infrastructure and virtualization solution provider company VMware has announced on Tuesday October 08, 2012 that it has updated its vCloud suite. The update was made in VMware management tool of vCloud suite. This was announced in an official statement from executive vice president cloud infrastructure and management Mr. Raghu Raghram.

It was further told in the statement that this new update would automate the management and would simplify it; it will also enable IT to be able to govern the services across the multiple clouds and environments. This new product called vCloud version 5.1 was launched few months back in August 2012; this product is highly featured one from VMware, which integrates management offerings, virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Now, with enhancement of management platform this product would be more exciting and effective in terms of management of services across the clouds.

In his statement, Mr. Raghu Raghuram, the EVP at VMware infrastructure and management division, said, “Businesses of all sizes are leveraging a decade of virtualization investments to transform IT through the software-defined data center. VMware’s cloud management offerings fundamentally recast management for the cloud era, allowing customers to operate at cloud scale and begin to act as brokers of IT services to the business.”

It was also explained in the statement that vCloud automation center would now be integrated with both vCloud Orchestrator and vCloud directors; this would make automation and management more efficient and effective across the cloud. Automation center would use a portal based on self-service; this portal would allow the users to manage existing resources of the cloud services and also would allow the user to request for new resources and services. With this enhancement, vCloud would also be able to support many Microsoft applications like MS exchange, Sharepoint, MS SQL etc.

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