Affiliate of WebHostingBuzz Earns Up to $125 for Single Sale – Says Company

Affiliate of WebHostingBuzz Earns Up to $125

Affiliate of WebHostingBuzz Earns Up to $125 on Oct 10, 2012 : Web hosting provider WebHostingBuzz announced on Monday October 07, 2012 that it has revamped its existing affiliate program to attract more sales through this program. Now, any affiliate marketer can earn a commission of $125 dollars for a single sale in top slab of sales. This program has also been designed to provide reliable, fair and sustainable relationship with affiliate marketers along with high payouts.

This is very important to note that in web hosting industry, a huge revamping is taking place across the board; many companies have recently revamped their affiliate programs and made them so lucrative and attractive for affiliate marketers. This trend is also generating a huge amount of sales and revenue. It is also expected that many other companies would also follow the same track to revamp their affiliate programs to substantially increase their sales.

It was further informed in the statement that company has devised four ‘sensible and sustainable’ payout slabs or levels.  The affiliate marketer selling 1-5 monthly plans would receive $50 for each sale, those who sale 6-14 packages would receive $75 per sales; in third level, those who sell 15-24 monthly plans would get $100 commission for each sales and finally $125 dollars would be given for each sale to those marketers who sell plans more than 25 per month.

In an official statement, WebHostingBuzz spokesman said, “The majority of the larger affiliate route-to-market web hosts are now owned by one company; previously, hosting affiliates protected their income by referring sales to a number of web hosts within the top 10 list. Now that most of these web hosts have the same owner, affiliates have become concerned, and rightly so, about how this can impact their income as a single owner looks to reduce payout levels.”

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