Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Provider DataLink Acquires Strategic Technologies

Cloud Hosting Infrastructure DataLink Acquires Strategic Technologies

Cloud Hosting Infrastructure DataLink Acquires Strategic Technologies on Oct. 09, 2012It was announced by the Chief Executive Officer of DataLink cloud hosting infrastructure provider Mr. Paul Lidsky while speaking to private technological news agency that they have acquired IT infrastructure and service Provider Company called Strategic Technologies. This announcement was made last Friday October 5, 2012.

It was further informed about the terms and financial conditions that the acquisition was finalized at $13.2 million plus 269,802 common shares with Datalink. Datalink cloud hosting infrastructure provider will also assume the liabilities of Strategic technologies equal to as much as $20.8 million. It also acquired the total assets of about $16 million, which need to be evaluated later on through audits.

Mr. Paul Lidsky, in his statement said, “This is a strategic acquisition that will expand our East Coast footprint, increase our technical support staff, bolster our professional and managed services capabilities, and maintain our core business focus on products and services related to data center infrastructure in general and newer virtualized data center technology in particular. With StraTech’s similar business model, nearly identical product mix, strong customer base and team of 100-plus field personnel, this is an ideal match that we believe will be a tremendous opportunity for our customers, partners, employees, and stockholders.”

It was further informed that with this acquisition of IT assets and infrastructure, the total run of Datalink cloud hosting infrastructure provider is anticipated to be more than $500 million and total staff of more than 450 people. This acquisition would increase the presence and strength of business in North Carolina State, Florida State, and the Mid Atlantic area. This acquisition would also add big annual revenue of about $65 million in the form of services and products of IT services, which were the portfolio of strategic technology company.

This is second acquisition in last 12 months to increase its business and portfolio services across the country.

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