Web Hosting PeakColo Launches Its Multiplatform PaaS Service for Developers

Web Hosting PeakColo Launches Its Multiplatform PaaS Service

Web Hosting PeakColo Launches Its Multiplatform PaaS Service

Greatresponder.com on Sep. 27, 2012Web hosting and cloud hosting service providers for developers and other businesses has announced on Tuesday September 25, 2012 that they have started a multiplatform cloud hosting services based on platform as a service model of cloud computing. This new platform is named as PeakColo PaaS is developed with the help of a startup company of Richmond called ‘Uhuru Software’. This platform uses Uhuru technology of development.

It was further informed in the statement of the company that this new application would help developers and other application hosting customers to host their applications very easily and effectively. The cost would reduce due to its capability to support multiple platforms. This platform provides complete freedom to host their applications very smoothly without managing their virtual servers. These severs are fully managed and fully supported. Initially, this platform would be available for trial period from next week and later the service would be available different customers on the basis of white label offerings.

In a statement of the company issued on their website says, “The next phase of the cloud revolution is now under way. Instead of having to mess with operating systems and virtual machines, software developers and IT staffs are able to publish their applications directly to services which handle configuration and deployment for them. Organizations can now let their hosting providers worry about patching and managing operating systems”.

In his statement Mr. Jawad Khaki, the CEO of Uhuru software said, “Developers want to focus on building great software without getting mired in the issues of complex deployments or security. By using the PeakColo service software engineers can not only have more fun but ensure their applications are cloud ready and secure, using the language of their choice, right from the start.”

This application deploys many services and platforms like Ruby, .Net, Java, PHP, and many others.