Web Hosting Newtek Gets Patent for Its Referral Tracking and Processing System

Web Hosting Newtek Gets New Tracking System

Web Hosting Newtek Gets New Tracking System

Greatresponder.com on Sep. 26, 2012It was announced by Newtek web hosting company on Monday September 25, 2012 through a press release statement issued by the company management that it has got the patent from the patent office on Monday regarding its new tracking system. The name of this new software is “NewTracker”. As per press release statement, web hosting Newtek has developed a referral processing and tracking system. The legal rights on this application were pending with the patent office and now they have been decided in its favor.

It was further informed in the press release that this is very innovative and highly featured referral processing system in which a complete set of referral handling is integrated. This software integrates all process pertaining to referral programs; these processes inclu e secure scripts, processing of referred client, tracking these orders, and then reporting leads and business referrals. It was further told that majority of their business comes from its partners and referrals, which is very valuable for them to maintain smoothly. This software will help them to maintain it very smoothly and effectively.

In the press release statement, Mr. Barry Sloane, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Newtek web hosting said,” The ability of Newtek to efficiently and effectively process large volumes of business opportunities while maintaining the highest levels of quality control and security for businesses interested in business loans, cloud computing services, eCommerce solutions, payroll services, personal and commercial insurance, merchant processing, web services and technology solutions rests squarely on NewTracker”.

This innovative system is developed by the software developers of the company; the work is spread over 8 years of hard work of the company. The idea and design of this exciting software was developed by Mr. Craig J. Brunet, who is chief information officer and vice president of Newtek web hosting.

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