Web Hosting DreamHost Joins as Gold Member to OpenStack Foundation

Web Hosting DreamHost Joins OpenStack Foundation

Web Hosting DreamHost Joins OpenStack Foundation

Greatresponder.com on Sep. 20 2012Web hosting provider DreamHost has announced on Wednesday September 19, 2012 that it has joined the OpenStack foundation as the gold member to reinforce its commitment towards open source software platform. OpenStack foundation is dedicated for promoting the open source operating platform for cloud computing.

It was further informed that the chief executive officer of DreamHost web hosting has recently been elected as the member of the board representing gold members. The company reiterated its commitment towards the enhancement of OpenStack operating system and open source cloud ecosystems. Earlier than this announcement, DreamHost has already supported the development of OpenStack in the month of June last year. DreamHost web hosting has also launched its open source storage service called DreamObjects last week.

In a statement Mr. Anderson, CEO of DreamHost web hosting company said, “DreamHost has a vision to enable the world’s entrepreneurs and developers to create, share, and prosper on the Internet. We passionately believe that open source software, and open source cloud services are the key to the next wave of growth and innovation worldwide. OpenStack is the right platform and community to enable this shift and the formation of the OpenStack Foundation is another step in demonstrating the long term commitment of the community to this mission.”

This is very important to note that since the starting of this project of OpenStack development by NASA and Rackspace, the community is developing very rapidly on both developers and companies’ basis. This group has now increased to a reasonable number; the number of the companies who have joined this group has crossed the figure of 180 while the number of developers has crossed 400 figure. This growth is phenomenal and it is increasing rapidly. After the start of OpenStack platform into commercial networks, the increase has grown exponentially.

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