Web Hosting LeaseWeb USA Appoints William Schrader as CEO

Web Hosting LeaseWeb USA Appoints William Schrader as CEO

Web Hosting LeaseWeb USA Appoints William Schrader as CEO

Greatresponder.com on Sep. 18 2012 : Web hosting provider LeaseWeb has announced on Tuesday September 19, 2012 that the company has announced the name for its CEO office. Mr. William Schrader would be the next chief executive officer of LeaseWeb web hosting company USA; Mr. Schrader is one of the internet veterans of the country. He possesses a vast experience in the field of information technology and internet.

LeaseWeb is a European based large web hosting company, which was established back in 1997 and it possesses many data centers in entire Europe. The headquarters of the company is located in Amsterdam. This company possesses a wide range of customers that include gaming, data storages, application developers, and many other domains of businesses. It also holds and possesses more than 40,000 servers across Europe.

Recently in year 2011, it started its operation in the United States of America; the regional headquarters are located near Washington, DC in the State of North Virginia.

In a statement Mr. Con Zwinkels, LeaseWeb’s founder said, “We are committed to investing in and accelerating the considerable success that LeaseWeb USA has had to date, and we are delighted to have Bill Schrader, with his depth of experience and market understanding, join us and spearhead the next phase of LeaseWeb’s development”.

It was further informed that Mr. Schrader would be responsible for the complete roll out of the projects and web hosting products in the United States. He has already worked in many high profile capacities in the domain of internet. He was the first and co-founder of first commercial internet company in the USA; he turned this company into a $16 billion entity at his peak in year 1989. He has also served as CEO of Neutral Net a last mile fiber company.

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