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Web Hosting Launches Latest ‘Team Foundation Server 2012’ Technology

Web Hosting Launches Latest ‘Team Foundation Server 2012’ Technology

Web Hosting Launches Latest ‘Team Foundation Server 2012’ Technology on Sep 16, 2012 : Web hosting provider becomes first among those web hosting companies that have started latest technology called TFS-2012 or team foundation server 2012 for their cloud hosting services. The company has joined the royal club of the companies that have launched shared team foundation server 2012 technology on Thursday. This was announced by the company on Thursday September 13, 2012. This service would be available both in all USA, UK, and European based data centers.

It was further explained that this service is focused for those developers and companies that work with Microsoft based services; this would also help companies to grow in the domain of this business. The company is already providing solutions based on ASP.NET; that is helping the community that works in the development of Microsoft based services. Microsoft next generation visual studio team foundation server 2012 is used to adopt the most modern nimble workflow on the market place.

In a statement Mr. Takeshi Eto, VP marketing and business development at DiscountASP.NET said,” Our mission since we launched in 2003 has always been focused on providing hosting solutions to meet the needs of .NET developers. So we are very excited to add shared TFS 2012 hosting to our solution portfolio. With our TFS hosting service, developer teams can stop managing infrastructure and focus on their core activity – developing applications.”

This new technology supports multiple IDEs, agile development practices, and platforms, which provides the opportunity to the developers to manage software development projects throughout its complete software development life cycle. This service is available for one month period on trial basis up to 5 users. After this trial period of 30 days, plans to charge as much as just $ 20 dollars a month for single users.

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