Web Hosting Layered Technologies Launches Highly Featured Enterprise Cloud Services

Greatresponder.com on September 14, 2012 : Web hosting provider Layered Technologies announced on Wednesday September 13, 2012 that they have launched a more featured, secure, and easy manageable enterprise cloud services with the help of Layered Tech data center. Layered tech data center is highly secure and advance level enterprise cloud platform, which would be the integral part of Layered Technologies web hosting service Provider Company. This platform is capable to provide self-service functionality and provides a complete management solution with highly secure features and capabilities.

This launch comes in the pursuit of company to enhance their services that are in compliance with international cloud standards. About two months earlier that this announcement, company secured $38 million of credit facility to fund the development of Layered tech platform.

In a statement the vice president of product management Mr. Kevin Van Mondfrans said,” Layered Tech’s next-gen cloud allows enterprises to run their critical workloads in a cloud environment to accommodate complex security needs and meet PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements. Security and transparency are Layered Tech tenets, and our new Cloud Data Center includes the security and compliance management capabilities for which we are known.”

It was further informed in the statement that this new platform is highly suitable for enterprise level cloud as well as web hosting services. This service would include a self-service portal, which is designed to provide full control, deep visibility, and easy management of cloud environment. This new generation hosting technology is developed to resolve two major issues that compel the enterprises to keep away from cloud hosting; these two major issues are security and the control over the data and resources that are so critical to them.

With this latest enterprise cloud hosting platform, layered technologies web hosting provider would have an edge over others in terms of reliability and management.



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