Black Lotus Unveils Its Human Behavior Analysis Technology to Protect Web Hosting Services from DDoS on September 11, 2012 : Black Lotus is a distributed denial of services Protection Company; it unveils its long pending human behavior analysis technology, which was pending due to its pending patent claim. This was announced on Monday September 10, 2012 that now human behavior analysis technology based tool developed for web hosting services is ready to use. It was pending due to patent issues. This is very useful tool for the web hosting to protect them from nasty DDoS attacks with the help of a new technology.

This technology does not employ its existing or legacy mechanism to filter the suspected traffic and attacks but it employs a latest technology that analyzes the behavior of the person sitting on the attackers’ end. It will study and monitor the behavior of hacker with the help of certain mechanisms and subsequently acts according to the results of that behavior. This behavior analysis is carried out at individual layer level-7 connection.

In an interview with a private technological news channel the CEO of Black Lotus Mr. Jeffrey Lyon said, “In 2009 we saw the first really difficult to detect and mitigate layer 7 attacks. We were using RioRey appliances and, say you had an attack that was 200 megs in size, and the appliance cut that down by 190 megs – by most measures, any DDoS mitigation provider would say that’s a successful mitigation. The problem was the traffic that wasn’t mitigated was a low and slow Layer 7 flood. Say there were 200,00 bots, but only about 30 of those bots were hitting the website at any given time. We were sitting there watching these connections come to a customer’s website, filtering them out by hand, and as soon as we had blocked those 30 connections, 30 more would appear. And that kept happening, over and over, over the course of hours. So we developed a really rudimentary script to detect when that was happening, and block out the bad connections. We kept making that script more intelligent and, fast forward two years later, that’s what we now call Human Behavior Analysis.”

It was further informed that this technology was developed long ago by the company and now it is waiting to get the patent issue settled completely to launch it commercially to the cloud hosting customers.

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