Owner of NZ Website Design & Web Hosting 2010 Sentenced After Four Years’ Trial in New Zealand

Greatresponder.com on Sep 06, 2012 : A report has been released by the North Advocates in New Zealand that the owner of NZ website design & web hosting 2010 will be sentenced by the court of law after four years of trial with the help of police investigation. This kiwi guy is expected to be convicted of cheating on the normal buyers through the advertisements posted on auction web site named as Trade Me in year 2008. He is involved in a huge scam of $70,000. He cheated upon the small businesses to sale web hosting business three times by the help of ads posted under the name of “Paulb8” on sales pages of Trade Me website.

It was further said in the statement that this scam surfaced about four years back when the affected people complained about this issue that they are not receiving the product what they have paid for. Police started investigation about this case and charged Mr. Paul Mathew Barr for this big scam related to web hosting business. After intensive investigation by the police and proper hearing and scrutiny by honorable court, the person involved in this scam is going to be charged next week.

In a statement of the spokesman of Trade Me auction company said, “The auction website became aware through complaints made to police that individuals responding to advertising for the business had paid the seller for the business, but allegedly not received what they had paid for”. Further he said, “The website disabled the seller’s membership and are really keen to see the courts order full reparation for the buyers,” with hopes that “the courts take a firm stance and order a custodial sentence as well”.

Mr. Bar is explicitly alleged for selling web hosting business to three individual and earned more than 70 thousand dollars.


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