VEXXHOST Web Hosting Announces Their New Cloud Severs Powered By Openstack Open Source Cloud Platform

VEXXHOST Web Hosting Announces Cloud Severs Powered By Openstack

VEXXHOST Web Hosting Announces Cloud Severs Powered By Openstack on Sep. 04, 2012 : Cloud hosting provider VEXXHOST has announced that they have successfully started the cloud servers powered by OpenStack cloud platform. This was announced on Monday September 3, 2012 through website announcement. Vexxhost web hosting is very committed towards newly developed open source cloud platform and considers it to be the most promising software in the field of cloud hosting.

It was further announced that cloud servers are available on very exciting prices and with additional value added features. These cloud sever services are available for both Linux and Windows based server packages. The major operating systems that are supported by these cloud servers based on OpenStack platform are Ubuntu, Debain, CentOS/RHEL, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003. Cloud servers are available with highly featured and automatic self healing technologies and redundant schemes to make your cloud hosting experience one of the most amazing ones. The data storage is complemented by the enterprise storage based on latest redundant array independent disk RAID technology.

As per statement, you can enjoy easy access through web interface for system administrators and through APIs for application developers. The efficiency of OpenStack is amazing for scaling your cloud computing resources very fast and instantly. The OpenStack control panel is very easy to use and amazing in terms of performance and qualities. These all features are available for as low as just 1.5¢ per hour. You can also scale up the resources up to tremendously high levels. For example, you can configure CPU cores up to 16 cores, RAM up to 2560 GB, and dedicated RAM up to 64 GB.

It is very important to note that newly developed OpenStack control panel CloudManage is very easy and user friendly.

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