MailGun Acquired by Web Hosting Provider Rackspace to Provide Email Services for Developers

MailGun Acquired by Web Hosting Rackspace

MailGun Acquired by Web Hosting Rackspace on August 29, 2012 : Y combinator startup MailGun has been acquired by cloud and web hosting service provider Rackspace. This was announced by Rackspace web hosting on Friday August 28, 2012. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed in the press release statement issued by Rackspace. MailGun is an API that offers developers to create and manage email boxes for websites and applications that are developed as web hosting services.

It was informed in the press release that with the acquisition of MailGun API for developers would improve the experience of web hosting companies and developers on a consolidated platform to have and manage email boxes. The MailGun is highly featured application with many configurable features like routing of email to web page and web applications.

With this acquisition, the Rackspace would have access to multifaceted services portfolio. This acquisition after few weeks of Rackspace’s announcement to go fully to OpenStack clouds services. This acquisition would also help the customers to have better and quicker email integration with the applications.

In press release statement Mr. Pat Matthews, senior vice president for corporate development at Rackspace web hosting said, “Rackspace is dedicated to providing the tools that our customers need to build their technology stack on the Rackspace Open Cloud. Mail is a core component of nearly every website and application today. Our customers are asking for this and Mailgun is the right company to help us deliver it in a tightly integrated way.”

It was further explained about the features of MailGun API in the press release statement that this email application would enable the customers to send, receive, and create the emails and also allows performing many routine activities that are normally available with other email software. It is very easy use and manage from customers’ own applications.

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