Web Hosting Provider AIT Launches New Server Management Control Panel Version SMT 6.0

AIT Launches New Server Management Control Panel

AIT Launches New Server Management Control Panel

Greatresponder.com on August 28, 2012 : Web hosting service provider company AIT host launches its latest server management control panel for their customers. The new version of control panel is termed as SMT 6.0. This was announced by AIT web hosting company on Monday August 27, 2012 through official press release statement.

According to the press release statement, this new version of server management control panel has very useful and easy to use dashboard, which provides very efficient and effective management of many applications, web sites, and servers from this consolidated panel. By the help of this latest control panel interface, customers can perform their routine tasks and performance management very easily and fast. This new version of server management panel will improve the customer experience and efficiency.

In press release statement, the manager marketing at AIT web hosting Mr. Roberto Blake said, “2012 has been a very exciting year for us; there have been a lot of changes and improvements with more to come. SMT 6 is just one part of that, a very big part. The new features such as 1-Click application installs for systems like WordPress are going to help customers get their websites up faster than before. However we didn’t leave out the more ‘tech savvy’ users either, we created a simple system for deploying new databases, managing FTP and email users, all in just one or two clicks. It has really cut the learning curve and puts more control in users’ hands.”

It was further informed in the press release that new version of management control panel has been integrated with many great features; these features include more than 20 web applications available on just one click on this control panel. Other than this feature, it has been made easy to manage email accounts, FTP accounts, and creation of reseller web hosting accounts and many applications on this control panel.

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