Most Web Hosting Companies Feel Competitiveness as the Biggest Threat to Their Businesses – ScienceLogic Survey

ScienceLogic Survey for Web Hosting Cpmpanies

ScienceLogic Survey for Web Hosting Companies on August 26, 2012 : A survey on the threats of web hosting industry was conducted by ScienceLogic Company. As per the results of the survey conducted by ScienceLogic performance monitoring company on the market place, more than 44 percent of the web hosting companies thinks that the biggest threat is the competiveness or the decreasing web hosting prices. The results of this survey were made public by SicenceLogic last week.

In this survey report it was also announced that the second major threat for web hosting industry is the presence of large cloud providers on the market place. The ratio of the web hosting companies that think large provider as the big threat to their business is more than 39 percent. These companies are afraid of the market strengths of big cloud hosting companies like Amazon AWS, Google, and other such big providers on the market. It was also mentioned in the survey results that these web hosting providers also considers also considered new entrants as the third largest threat to their business in this domain of industry. The ratio that believes new entrants as the major the threat to their web hosting business is about 5 percent.

At the same time survey results suggest that more about 2% web hosting providers consider internal IT problems as the biggest threat while more than two percent of these companies believe some other threats to be the biggest threat to their business.

ScienceLogic carried out this survey during the last HostingCon 2012 that was held in Boston, MA last month. At the same time, it was also announced in the survey results that more than 20 percent companies think that SoftLayer as the biggest competitor on the market.

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