Host Cats Web Hosting Provider Launches Dedicated Server Services in India

Host Cats Web Hosting Provider Launches Dedicated Server Services in India

Host Cats Web Hosting Provider Launches Dedicated Server Services in India on August 25, 2012 : Web hosting market of India is one of the most emerging markets of the word. There are millions of websites already hosted and much more than that number is expected in next few years. Like web hosting, cloud host services have great potential on the market place. Many international companies are eyeing on this growing market like Host Cats web hosting provider. Host Cats web hosting provider announced on Friday August 24, 2012 that they have started dedicated server cloud services in India.

This is important to note that Host Cats is a division of seeknext information technology solutions Company. Meanwhile, information technology market especially in cloud computing based services are getting pace on Indian market and there is a huge potential in the market for sustainable growth. At present more than 3.5 million domains are already hosted on India based servers; this number is anticipated to increase to about 16 millions in next four years by 2016.

GoDaddy is another important international amalgamate cloud services that has noticed more than 52% growth in just less than two quarters since January 2012. This growth has attracted Host Cats to start its dedicated servers in India. These services would include fully managed servers with full freedom to the customer for configuration, scaling up and down and many other features as per international standards.

In statement, Host Cats web hosting further said, “Our dedicated servers include services related to servers of single processors, dual processors and quad processors as well as collocation services; designed for start up business, small, medium, and large business and websites, the cost effective dedicated servers plans include fully managed, semi managed and self managed categories”.

Dedicated servers are available on multiple plans based on monthly as well as annually contracts.


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