Media Temple Web Hosting Provider Awarded with Best Workplace Award by LA Business Journal on August 19, 2012 : Media temple web hosting service Provider Company is one of the best web hosting service companies in Los Angeles area. This company has been awarded the best “Workplace Award” by Los Angeles Business Journal on Thursday, August 16, 2012. This was announced by Media Temple Company through its Twitter post on following Friday. This award is awarded annually by Business Journal in Los Angeles area since many year of its inception.

This was also informed through the statement that the company is getting itself listed for this annual award list regularly since many years. Media temple web hosting is improving its ranking in annual list of this award. This year, the company has been ranked as the 9th best workplace in the metropolitan as well as in the area; while, in Year-2010, it was ranked as 10th number in the list. This was explained by Mr. Brad Smith who is the CEO of Virb DIY site builder company. Virb is the partner of Media temple that provides the web site building services to their customer on the basis of DIY or Do-it-Yourself project.

Meanwhile, it was further explained by the website “Best places to work in LA” that this ranking is determined on the basis of regular surveys conducted by the business journal. This survey is based on the written/hidden feedback received from the employees of these companies.

There are many other good things that happened recently with Media Temple Web Hosting provider that are also very imperative to be notified here. This company has also revised its affiliate partner program last week; as per that new program the referred customer will get $25 credit while the referring customers will get credit equal to the amount of first two month’s plan that a referred customer purchases.






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