Tampa Data Center Phase-II Project of Hivelocity Web Hosting to Start Next Month

Tampa Data Center Phase-II Project of Hivelocity Web Hosting

Tampa Data Center Phase-II Project of Hivelocity Web Hosting

Greatresponder.com on August 17, 2012 : Hivelocity web hosting company has announced on Thursday August 16, 2012 that they are going to start their second phase of data center expansion project in September 2012. This project covers the expansion of Tampa, Florida data center and HQ. The expansion of the data center comprises the addition of 7000 square feet area into existing facility.

It was further explained that the phase-II of Hivelocity web hosting company would conclude in second quarter of fiscal Year 2013. This project will also adjoin the existing headquarters of the company at Tampa. This expanded space would be used for 4000 company servers and the collocation cages that would be used for corporate customers to collocate their servers.

There are many services of Hivelocity web hosting company; few of them are collocation services, web hosting services, VPS servers, shared servers and dedicated servers.

In the press release statement Mr. Steve Eschweiler the general manager of the company said, “A good portion of our phase two data center space will be purposed for collocation clientele; we have a blank canvas right now so this is a great opportunity to make this space a place our collocated customers can hang out, take a load off and really be comfortable and productive during the days they have to work on-site for extended periods of time. Collocated customers will have cages for their gear, lab space for their work and a lounge when they need a break.”

At the same time, it was also stated that company would establish a new network operation center or NOC on this data center along with the collocation spaces for big customers. This expansion was anticipated a couple of years back and was planned subsequently. This expansion would increase the performance and business muscles of the company.

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