Google Search Engine Algorithm to Be Optimized To Discourage Piracy Web Hosted Sites


Google Search Engine Algorithm

Google Search Engine Algorithm on August 13, 2012 : After growth in web hosting service providers, many piracy sites have multiple options to jump from one web hosting provider to another in case of any legal or other problems. This situation has already created many problems and concerns for those intellectual and creative companies and productions. These companies have shown very grave concerns over such piracy web hosted websites. These concerns were also a challenge for search engines to cope with.

Now, Google Corporation has come up with a solution that can at least help such web hosted sites to be demoted or penalized on SEO rankings. Google is going to implement certain algorithms into its Google search engine indexing mechanism to reduce the ranking of such web sites. This was announced by Google Corporation last weekend. In its announcement it was further explained that now the search engines algorithm will also take into account all the legal and other security notices that are issued to any piracy web sites from legitimate authorities and sufferer from the piracy activities. As usual, the mechanism of technicalities of algorithm was not disclosed by Google.

It was further explained that piracy websites have many great options for moving here and there by migrating from one web hosting company to another web hosting company; thus, they are somewhat difficult to stop them working due to certain local and international rules. Normally it take longer times to properly establish the legal proves and other formalities, which damages the intellectual property owner and copy right owner of the contents. These websites include those that are peer to peer sharing sites and other entertainment sites operating without any legitimate licenses.

Google search engine would take action against them to put at lower rankings and will encourage the legal and legitimate websites to rank high.

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